How does a park home differ from a conventional house?

For all practical purposes, the only difference is the method of construction - even though many have the appearance of an attractively designed traditionally-built bungalow with a pitched tiled roof. Once inside, there's nothing to suggest that you are anywhere other then in a fully equipped and luxurious dwelling. There will be good sized living areas and a separate kitchen, built in cupboards and wardrobes, two or three bedrooms, fitted bathrooms, double glazing and central heating.

So how is the home actually built?

It's not so much "how "as "where" which makes the main difference. Park homes are constructed under carefully controlled workshop conditions before being thoroughly checked and transported to the park, here they are sited on a concrete base and connected to the services, before being finished of with brick skirting and steps and landscaped to you exact requirements.

How do costs compare with conventional housing?

They compare very favourably, and many people find that the sale of a larger family house provides sufficient cash to buy a luxurious, modern park home with enough funds left over to ensure financial security. As to the actual costs, these of course vary as to the model chosen and the park it is to be sited on. The greatest choice is to be found within the £90,000 - £200,000 price range.

Is council tax payable on a park home?

Yes, generally the council tax charges tend to be in band A, please check with the park office.

What will happen to the value of my home over the years?

A good quality home on a well run park will appreciate in value along the same lines as a traditional property. Similar considerations which affect the cost of conventional housing come into play: a popular park in beautiful surroundings will naturally offer the best conditions for appreciation.

How long do park homes last?

The manufacturers of all park homes on our parks are members of the NPHC(National Park Homes Council) and new homes on our parks receive a 10 year Gold Shield Warranty. There are many examples of park homes on parks over 40 years old and still in very good condition. The technology used in building park homes has improved constantly over the years, modern park homes are expected to last way beyond that figure, given the proper care and attention.

How much should I budget for park fees?

These vary depending on the location of the park, and range from £25.00 to £45.00 per week. Increases in fees can only be made in accordance with the written agreement, known as "statement" which complies with the Mobile Homes Act 1983.

Does this legislation offer any other protection to the owners?

It does indeed, The Mobile Homes Act 1983 gives owners of park homes security of tenure - and that is probably its single most important safeguard. It also gives the owner the right to sell the home on the park, and the right to leave it in a will.

Can I use the park home as my second home?

The short answer is no, a park home needs to be your only or main residence, this is a legal requirement laid down in the mobile homes act. Holiday homes or lodges, however, can only be used as your second home and not your main residence.

Apart from economics, what are the other advantages of park living?

The social benefits are most readily appreciated by many. Home parks are very much communities where no one need suffer the sense of isolation so often felt by people in retirement - especially those who move away from familiar surroundings. 
Individual privacy is, of course, respected as it would be anywhere. However, most park home owners do enjoy being drawn into the activities, committees, clubs and other social opportunities which develop as a result of initiatives by residents themselves.

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